B&W Group Product Warranty Information

What is the warranty for parts purchased through the B&W Group USA Parts Store?

Spare parts ordered and approved as replacement parts to repair a product still within the manufacturer’s warranty period will remain under warranty for the balance of the products warranty period. We may require the defective part to be returned for inspection to determine if the manufacturer’s warranty applies.

The warranty for spare parts ordered for products that are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will vary depending on the specific product. The guidelines as to warranty coverage are detailed below.

As a reminder, our manufacturer's warranty covers defects in workmanship or production. It does not extend to cover physical damage such as poked in or shattered tweeters, or normal wear and tear for use parts such as headphone ear pads.

If you are looking for warranty information for finished products and not parts, please look HERE.

  • Parts Requiring Installation – (Speaker component parts such as tweeters, woofers, midranges, crossovers, terminal trays, binding posts, electronic circuit boards)

    • 90 days if the part is purchased and installed by an authorized B&W dealer or service center.
    • Regrettably, we cannot warranty or exchange spare parts not ordered and installed by an authorized dealer or service center due to the potential for damage during the installation process or from improper installation.
  • Remote Controls

    • 1 Year
  • Electronics (Subwoofer amplifier modules, power supplies)

    • 90 Days
  • Cosmetic & Accessory Parts (Speaker grilles, frames, accessory packs, wall brackets, speaker plinths, biwire links)

    • No Warranty
  • Component Parts that can deteriorate with use (Headphone ear pads, batteries, headphone cables)

    • No Warranty

Returning Warranty Parts for a Refund

If you need information on returning a defective a part, please see our Return Policy page here.

If you are looking for service for a B&W Group product, you can bring the component to a local authorized dealership, or use our online form linked HERE to request a return authorization to send the product in directly.