The B&W Group proudly distributes high quality home audio products from 3 widely recognized and esteemed brands:
Bowers & Wilkins and Rotel.

Bowers & Wilkins

"The best loudspeaker isn't the one that gives the most, it is the one that loses the least."
- John Bowers

Breaking every convention in our relentless pursuit of perfection, B&W speakers consistently set the benchmark in performance and design across an incredibly broad spectrum. Whether hugging a tight corner in a 2014 Maserati Quattroporte, going for a brisk run in the park, streaming iTunes throughout your home, or mastering an album at Abbey Road Studios, Bowers & Wilkins provides an unmatched audio experience wherever music touches your


Rotel was founded in 1961 and is still under the same family ownership. We manufacture a full range of high performance audio/video receivers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, CD players and digital audio components in our own factory.

Our latest models combine state-of- the-art digital and classic analog circuits to deliver surpassing fidelity.